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Please contact Yasmine or Fabien at 817-247-9895 for more information and to setup your wholesale account with us.

All orders need to be placed before 10 am the day before delivery.

  • Order Tuesday by 10AM for Wednesday delivery.
  • Order Thursday by 10AM for Friday delivery.
  • Order Friday by 10 AM for Saturday delivery.
  • Order Saturday by 10 AM for Sunday & Monday delivery.

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We Proudly Provide High Quality Freshly Baked Goods To Our Partners

Summer Moon Coffee

Summer Moon Coffee
Wood-Fired Coffee Roasters

Nordstrom Ebar

Nordstrom Ebar
Artisan Coffee

Froth Coffee Bar

Nordstrom Ebar
Craft Coffee & Tea

Perc Coffee House

The Perc Coffeehouse
Vintage Craft Coffeehouse

Perc Coffee House

Des Patisseries
Coffee Shop & More

Sip and Stir

Sip & Stir Coffee House
Coffee House

Global Peace Factory

Sip & Stir Coffee House
Boutique Coffee House

Sons Coffee

Sons Coffee
Specialty Coffee House


Creme Brulee
Brie en Croute
French Bread

The Main Street Bread Baking Company was born in October 2000 in the historic district of Grapevine, where owners Fabien Goury and Yasmine Bohsali found a welcoming spirit in the culturally rich downtown area.